Collecting Star Wars in The Collector’s Hutt

Collecting Star Wars in The Collector’s Hutt

The Haunted Cinema (THC) – Thank-you for stopping by The Haunted Cinema to talk about all things Star Wars. Ghastly and I are big fans of the movies that George Lucas created (and now Disney), so the chance to talk to an amazing fan and collector such as you is a great opportunity. Before we start digging in, tell us about you. How did this all start?

Collector’s Hut (CH) – Hi Todd, Thank you so much for reaching out to me your site is awesome. I got into Star Wars when I was six years old Return of the Jedi was playing on TV. I was totally blown away by everything I saw, All the cool aliens and creatures to the heroes and villains everything about it hooked me right in. My parents saw how much I loved it and bought me the trilogy on VHS at that point my life was changed. 

THC – If your X-Wing breaks down on Dagobah, and you knew you only packed one of the movies, which of the films would you have hoped made it into your pack? Why is it your favorite?

CH – That’s a very tough question because I would like to think of all the movies as one film. But I would have to go with Return of the Jedi, just because it was the first Star Wars film I saw, and it holds a special place in my heart.

THC – Frequently, I ask questions to get to know my guests along the lines of who your favorite character or monster is, for you, I think it’s safe say that Jabba the Hutt fits the bill. Why do you love that gangster from Tatooine?

CH – I have a ton of favorite characters, It’s so easy to fall in love with any of them simple for their cool factor or just the way they look. Jabba the Hutt has the overall presence of awesomeness I love the fact that he’s a gangster and for the most part the empire stays out of his business. Everyone has heard of him, which is a powerful thing, Plus his palace is the ultimate party house filled with a great band, female dancers, and a ton of cool bounty hunters. I would differently want to have Jabba on my side that’s for sure. 

THC – Star Wars has been going strong for 42 years and it has, arguably, the greatest fan base of any movie or movie series in history. Why do you think it manages to endure the way it has? How do you keep the Star Wars fires burning each day and year?

CH – Star Wars is something very special Its about family so much heart and soul is in all of these movies. George Lucas is a genius in every way possible, He was so ahead of his time the story is filled with characters that you can see yourself in which pulls you closer. I think it’s still going strong simple because there’s so much more story to tell, we are so lucky to see all these character grow, Most movies you don’t get to see where they end up 30 years later but we do! How cool is that.

THC – That passionate fandom has not come without its share of controversy. Many on the internet and various YouTube videos point to a toxic fandom, especially in the Disney sequel era, although, the Prequels have their share of troubles as well. How do you see the state of Star Wars fandom today? Is it fractured as some say, or strong and growing?

CH – It’s crazy to me, I understand that everyone has their own opinion, but I think it should stop there. There’s already too much toxicity in the world these movies are a fun get away from that. Like I said earlier I think of these movies as one a big continuous beautiful movie, Storytelling at its best.

THC – Let’s shift gears and get to what the readers are wanting to see, your collection. The Collector’s Hutt collection is simply amazing. Do you remember the first thing that you ever acquired? Do you still have it?

CH – Thank you so much for that awesome complement, I remember having dinner place mats with the main characters on them very early on. I don’t have that original set anymore, but I saw them at Celebration 5 and I just had buy them, It brought back some nice memories. We also had Dixie cups that had amazing images on them. As far as figures we had a couple, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, B-Wing pilot and some of the animated series Droids and Ewoks. Those are some of my earliest memories. 

THC – Your collection seems to have the same philosophy as Rancho Obi-wan and has a little bit of everything. Do you have a focus, or if something catches your eye you acquire it?

CH – There’s really no direction in my collection to be honest, I always wanted the complete set of the original Kenner line from the 70’s to 80’s which I acquired about 11 years ago. That’s something very special because I feel like I’m preserving history as far as collecting goes it all start with that line. I really just buy what catches my eye and brings that nostalgia factor, There’s just so much cool stuff out there.

THC – I always love to ask people about their personal “Holy Grails”. Is there anything that sits at the top of your “most desired list” that you are still looking for? What about it stirs the collector’s fire in you?

CH – “Holy Grails” would definitely be a movie used item that’s something that I would absolutely go nuts for. To have one of the original helmets, costumes pieces, props or one of the stop motion models would be pretty incredible. 

THC – How do you organize and inventory such a large collection? Do you have special insurance for it?

CH – Organizing is always very hard especially when your tight on space because you want to give each item the credibility it deserves. Listing everything would take way to long so as far as insurance goes, I just do my top items.

THC – Having a large collection like yours makes displaying it a challenge. How important is a good display in your mind? How do you manage your collection?

CH – Displaying your items is very important getting the right cases and lighting will make your item pop more. I am constantly moving things around to make everything fit, my goal is always to have a good flow to make it look like it was always there. A lot of time and work definitely goes into it.

THC – Being a collector is not the end of your passion, you also host a YouTube site. Talk about how The Collector’s Hutt YouTube channel came to be.

CH – The YouTube channel actually wasn’t my idea to be honest, My friends and family were always amazed by my collection and one of them said you should make a video.That’s how it started. The name I wanted it to scream Star Wars, so I thought to myself, Let’s do some word play. I definitely wanted collector to be there along with something Jabba related because I feel like he’s a collector himself. So, the name The Collectors Hutt came very natural.

I Do my best with my videos I want you to feel like I’m interacting with you, Not just a pair of hands showing you a toy. It’s cool to capture my excitement and passion for what I’m reviewing, It’s a fun experience.

THC – What is the goal of your channel? How often do you post new content?

CH – I like to post videos once a week, Sometimes I will do more depending on how much merchandise comes out. Has far as a goal I’m not sure to be honest, But I will tell you this, I’ve met so many cool people all over the world because of my channel going to conventions or just through social media it’s a powerful thing. We all have the same interest, so it makes it very easy, It also made me closer with toy companies. It’s such a honor when a company sends you something for free to review I never though in my wildest dreams that would happen. I love it all, It’s a great community.

THC – What advice can you give to someone wanting to start their own YouTube channel? What items are needed for the production?

CH – Starting your own YouTube channel the first thing you need truthfully is patience, because when I started I just thought the views would poor in and was I wrong lol. I don’t have anything crazy just a tripod and a canon video camera, you just have to be comfortable and have confidants in what you’re doing and you’ll be just fine.

THC – What are some channels that you follow? Who do you recommend that Star Wars fans should be watching?

CH – It’s hard to say because there are so many great YouTube channels putting out some incredible content, It all comes down to what style you like. The Fwoosh, Shartimusprime, Jay CVictoria’s Cantina, and the list goes on trust me.

THC – How can people find you and see your amazing collection?

CH – You can find me at that’s where you’ll find all my links to all my social media page’s along with podcasts and upcoming convention I’ll be attending. Thank you, guys, for all your support it means the world to me. May the force be with you always!

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