Collecting Horror on the High End – Carries Statues

Collecting Horror on the High End – Carries Statues

As collectors ourselves, Ghastly and I always like to see other people’s collections and how they display them. Carmen Lazarom’s collection is amazing not just for what she collects, but how she displays her collection. The other cool thing about her and her collection is she lives in The Netherlands. We love to see great collections from other countries and hope you’ll enjoy this as much as we do.

The Haunted Cinema (THC) – Welcome to The Haunted Cinema, I had Ghastly work overtime to make the place look decent, however, the blood stains were really hard to get out. We’ve been big fans of your collection for a long time. How did your passion for horror begin?

Carmen Lazaroms (CL) – It started when I was very young. I loved watching scary movies and I guess it never stopped. I remember watching Blade, It, Amityville since I was 6 years old.

THC – Looking at pics of your collection, you seem to have most of the great horror films represented in some form or another. Thinking of these films, what are your favorites of all-time?

CL The Shining, It (2017) and all the movies from The Conjuring universe.

THC – One area that I noticed seems absent in your collection is classic horror, Dracula, Frankenstein, etc… What are your thoughts on the old monsters?

CL – I’m not a big fan of those. Gave them a try a couple of times actually but they never really interested me that much.

THC – Being horror fan, what scares you?

CL – The real world.. as in sickness, violence. I love how a movie can take all the negative thoughts away for 2 hours.

THC – You live in the Netherlands. What is the horror community like where you are?

CL – Small. Really small. I know a lot of people here who like horror movies but maybe 1 or 2 that also go as far as collecting.

THC – It seems that in the past few years the community has become more diverse with women, minorities and others embracing the hobby. What do feel that says about our community.

CL – It’s getting bigger I guess. I still feel like I’m one of the few women with this hobby though. You have no idea how many people just assume I’m a guy, because I’m a collector.

THC – Let’s talk about your amazing collection. How long have you been a collector?

CL – I bought my first statue when I was 14 years old I think. It was a Jason from Neca, or maybe a custom Predator bust that I Picked up at London Film Comic Con. Those were definitely my first.

THC – For those who haven’t seen pictures, what do you collect?

CL – Horror life size busts, from known characters.

THC – Do you remember the first piece that you ever acquired? Do you still have it?

CL – No, I don’t have it anymore, but it took quite some time for me to sell it. The Jason and the Predator were pretty special to me as they were my first pieces. Quality wise, they are nothing compared to what I own now though.

THC – If the apocalypse happened and you had to flee to the hills, what 2 pieces would you grab on the way out? Why are they so special?

CL – Blue Box Hyper’s Pennywise and Howard Senft’s Jack Torrance. Even though I would need some help grabbing the last one. Pennywise portrayed by Bill Skarsgard is my favorite horror character ever. And Blue Box Hyper did such an amazing job with him. I’ve had people coming over who were waiting for it to move, it just looks so realistic. As for Jack Torrance, he’s my second favorite character. I love everything about that character and movie and Howard Senft did a really amazing job. Even the hair on his hands weren’t forgotten. So much detail. I love that.

THC – How do you find the pieces for your collection?

CL – Most of them are custom made by incredible artists, who I all found on instagram. I love instagram for that, it’s like a portofolio. Some are licensed pieces, like Elite Creature Collectibles or Trick or Treat Studios.

THC – One of the things that I love about your collection is how it is displayed. It seems that a proper display is very important to you. Talk about how you display your collection.

CL – What I find most important about displaying is the space you create for one piece. Every piece should have his own space instead of being overshadowed by other pieces. That’s just how I think of course, everyone should display and collect whatever they want.

THC – Do you have a separate space or room for your collection? How do you manage space?

CL – Yes, I turned my garage into my collection room. I have a lot of space left, but with all the orders I’ve got coming its filling up pretty quick.

THC – I would consider you a “high end” collector with many of your pieces costing large amounts of money and are usually small edition sizes. Do you insure your collection against fire or theft?

CL – Yes, very important.

THC – A lot of collectors sell pieces occasionally as they hunt for a new piece. Is that something you do as well? If so, have you ever parted with something only to regret it later?

CL – I’ve never sold anything that I still regret now but I did sell a few things that I should have thought about better. It’s been quite a time since I sold anything actually. I did sell a lot about a year ago as I was shifting from statues to life size busts. Everything I order now are all pieces I’m 100% sure of and don’t want to sell.

THC – How much time, each week, do you spend with your collection whether dusting, moving, etc…?

CL – 0. The cabinets I have are dust proof and I can’t recommend them highly enough. If a new piece arrives, sometimes I move things around a bit but mostly everything just stays the same.

THC – Do you have a “Holy Grail” item that you’re chasing but just haven’t been able to find?

CL – Yes. Connor Deless’ Reverend Kane from Poltergeist. I know 2 people who have one and I think it will be the last thing they’ll ever sell.

THC – Speaking of chasing pieces, what makes you decide that a certain piece needs to be added to your collection? Is it subject matter, artist, scarcity, or something else?

CL – Well a piece can be amazingly good, but I still need to really love the character if I want it in my collection. That’s definitely the most important reason for me. No matter how good a piece is, if I don’t like the character that much, I don’t need it.

THC – What advice can you give to new collectors?

CL – Only buy pieces you really want. Years ago, I bought so many things just because I was curious how it would look in my collection. As soon as I was ‘used’ to it I wanted to sell it again. That’s just a waste of money and time.

THC – Do you belong to any collector groups online? If so, which ones would you recommend to others?

CL – No, not really actually

THC – How do you see the state of horror today from films, collecting, etc…?

CL – I love modern horror movies. I prefer them over the old classic ones, with a few exceptions of course. As for collecting.. there has been a lot of improvement if you compare it to 10 years ago. Unfortunately collecting has become a lot more expensive too.

THC – How do you see your collection in 5 or 10 years from now? Any plans or goals for the future?

CL – The same as it is now, with some pieces added. I don’t have any plans or goals, just waiting to own all the pieces on my wishlist.

THC – How can people find you and see pics of your collection?

CL – Carriesstatues on Instagram

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